Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Driven Computing Platform



DeepBrain Chain's vision is to provide a low-cost, private, flexible, secure, and decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform for AI products.

Project Introduction

Leveraging blockchain technology, we developed a decentralized, low-cost, and private AI computing platform. We also provide perfect peripheral products.

The DeepBrain Chain token, the DeepBrain Coin (DBC), is traded via smart contract based on NEO. The mining node is incentivized through a system designed through smart contracts.

DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized neural network. Countless mining nodes across the world will supply computational power for AI use to meet world-wide enterprise demand. Mining nodes receive DBC as compensation. The GAS fee each enterprise need to pay is far less than the intrinsic fee.

The DeepBrain Chain is also a secure data trading platform that allows both parties to not worry about data leakage or reselling. Blockchain technology is used to realize the explicit separation of data ownership and data usage rights. Thus, the value of data will be promoted greatly.

Low Cost

Miners' main income comes from supplying computing resource to the DeepBrain Chain network. They will receive DBC as compensation when the nodes' computational power is used by the network. This system provides enterprises with lower cost computational power.

Privacy Protect

Using smart contracts allows us to separate data ownership and usage rights ensuring security of the data transfer via crypto-algorithms and separation of mechanisms.

Flexible Computing

When computational demand peaks, DeepBrain Chain can adjust itself automatically by utilizing idle nodes.



Even some nodes of DeepBrain Chain are attacked by hacker, the remaining nodes are working well as usual and data leakage is forbidded. DeepBrain Chain makes sure that AI factories operation will never be interrupted also.


Outstanding Advantage

Top Scientists

We were awarded first place in the enterprise sector of SMP2017, the Chinese man-machine dialogue evaluation. There were more than thirty national top AI teams participating in this competition.

Mode Innovation

DeepBrain Chain is the world's first AI computing platform built using blockchain technology.
This is a new innovation in the intersection of AI and cryptocurrencies.

Product Landing

We created DeepBrain Cloud Platform which acts just like Amazon's Alexa. There are lots of applicants in the AI skills store and more than 100 clients using DeepBrain Cloud Platform.

Core Team

Investment Institution

Partnership in blockchain technology

Investor & Advisor

Development Milestone

January 2012
The first Chinese voice assistant, Smart 360, was released.
January 2013
The first artificial intelligence semantic open platform, Semantic Cloud Oriented APP Domain, was released.
June 2013
Smart 360 becomes the first third-party vocal assistant platform to hit ten million users in China.
June 2014
The world's first artificial intelligent speakers, small zhi, were released several months before Amazon Alexa. Small zhi was equipped with semantic cloud brain.
July 2014
Member of Council of China Electronic Acoustics Association.
December 2015
Small zhi housekeeping robot was released, equipped with semantic cloud brain 2.0.
December 2015
CEO Feng He won the title of Innovative Figures in the Shanghai computer industry.
March 2016
Small zhi housekeeper robot and HTC Vive virtual reality helmet together received CHINABANG award and 2016 annual Innovation Awards.
April 2017
New upgraded on semantic cloud brain 2.0, released the brand new cloud brain platform named "DeepBrain".
May 2017
Started a project which researched a cloud brain artificial intelligence operating system utilizing blockchain techology.
Set up a blockchain laboratory, based on blockchain application architecture that came out of research.
May 2017
DeepBrain stationed in Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Nansha District, Guangzhou to build AI cloud OS.
May 2017
DeepBrain skills platform has more than 1000 skills. It is the first manufacturer of an artificial intelligence skills platform in China.
June 2017
Received 32 million CNY of angel investment from GSR Ventures, Gobi Partners, and Chance Investment.
July 2017
1. DeepBrain platform skills store's HTML5 version was released, and consumers could freely add skills for AI hardware.
2. DeepBrain Chain token sale white paper 0.6 was released.
August 2017
DBC won the first prize in the business community of the SMP2017 Chinese man-machine dialogue evaluation at Harbin Institute of Technology. More than 30 domestic top artificial intelligence teams participated in this competition.

Development Plan

August 2017
1. DeepBrain chain Token Sale white paper 1.0 was released.
2. Started Pre Token Sale program.
September 2017
1. R & D team moved to new office in HongQiao Paradise Walk in Hongqiao Business Circles of Shanghai.
2. It was invited to participate in China's AI 30 people closed door forum and interpretation of the State Council's "notice of new generation of artificial intelligence development planning" internal seminar in Beijing.
3. DeepBrain Chain was invited to participate in the "digital asset summit".
2017 Q4
1. Complete Pre Token Sale Roadmap.
2. Token Sale and complete Token Sale recruitment.
3. DeepBrain set up a joint laboratory with Shanghai's branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
4. DeepBrain Chain was invited to participate in the "First Global Financial Technology and BlockChain China Summit 2017" in October.
5. The first phase of the DeepBrain Chain was completed on NEO, and the tokens were issued.
6. In order to support the aquisition and withdraw of coins, DBC assets were launched on third-party exchanges.
7. The second phase of R & D for the associated artificial intelligence operating system module combined with the blockchain application is completed.
8. Disclosure of key quarterly information.
9. DeepBrain Chain promotion and manufacturer assessment.
2018 Q1
1. Completion of development of core layer architecture and key components, completion of development of the DBC AI Testnet, and building internal testing environment.
2. Support test users’ submission of AI training requests to DBC AI Testnet and finishing training in the Testnet.
3. Development of the Community Contribution & Reward System on the official website of DeepBrain Chain.
4. Completion of the first round of global meet-up (Dublin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and San Francisco).
5. DBC communities in 5 countries and steady growth of community size : Telegram, Reddit, Twitter.
6. Attendance to one global blockchain summit every month(BlockChain Connect Conference in San Francisco on January 26th).
2018 Q2
1. Finishing development of features including AI users management, group management, role management, and authorization management.
2. Finishing integration of DBC AI Testnet with blockchain.
3. Finishing development and testing of the internal DBC network environment.
4. Release Alpha and Beta tests of the Community Contribution & Reward System on the official website of DeepBrain Chain.
5. Second round of global meet-up.
6. DBC communities in 10 countries and steady growth of community size : Telegram, Reddit, Twitter.
7. Attendance to one global blockchain summit every month.
8. Starting cooperation with at least 1 famous university or organization on blockchain or AI.
2018 Q3
1. Further improvement on and testing of the blockchain network and test by key users.
2. Support integration and deployment of various deep learning engine frameworks.
3. Support release of new model algorithms and selection amongst existing algorithms, packaging data, and putting out training/testing assignments.
4. Support DBC AI mining and reward system.
5. Support monitoring and statistics analysis of the DBC network.
6. Support AI users performing AI computations on DBC network. 7. Support DBC network security.
8. DeepBrain Chain platform’s all code open sourced and mining software released.
9. Launch of the Community Contribution & Reward System on the official website of DeepBrain Chain.
10. Third round of global meet-up.